Castle of Preuil
Booking : +33 6 22 91 76 72
18190 Vallenay


Rooms are set on the first floor.

They are spacious and decorated with authentic quality materials ; they were designed by Virginie Vaudenay designer by Company "Coaching Deco"

The modern bathrooms are made entirely of stone from La Celle.

Floor, wall tiles, sinks and walk-in showers are made of this stone pleasing to the eye and touch.

The career of La Celle, located 8 km from Preuil, produces a hard limestone veined with ocher and pink that was exploited in the 12th century for the construction of the Abbey of Noirlac nearby and Bourges Cathedral.

The paving of the ground floor of Preuil is also made of stone from La Celle.

The regional authenticity of this magnificent material contributes to the quality of the bathrooms.

The rooms have flat screen TV 40 "connected and Wifi access.

Guests can relax at the recently renovated lounge or enjoy the great outdoors of the park.